Popular Bathroom Flooring Options

Bathroom Flooring Options 2015

If you are planning a remodeling bath, when choosing most appropriate bathroom flooring options is important that you consider pros and cons of most popular materials.  When choosing a material for kitchen floor, there are several qualities that you should consider. Bathroom floor must be waterproof and stain, durable and easy to clean. You should also consider combining aesthetics you want to create in your bathroom. Concrete, stone tiles and pottery are some of best materials for your bathroom floor that are strong and resistant to stains.

Ceramic tiles, these are probably most popular bathroom flooring options. Look great and can be found in designs that resemble other materials such as tile or marble. Disadvantage is that a ceramic floor tiles is a cold floor and can be slippery.

Vinyl is an easy bathroom flooring options to install and is therefore widely used for bathroom floor .  Vinyl tiles are cheap and you can install them without an expert. Downside of these tiles is that over time tend to get off ground ruining wood floor is treated plywood floor that protects wood against moisture. Looks great as surface is real wood.

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