Popular Basement Window Covers

Basement Window Covers Design

The windows are the main source of light entering a building, so basement window covers are often used to control the amount of light that is left in a room. They can also be used for privacy and keep warm or cold air inside the building.  Blinds are the most common type of the outer shell window. These often consist of a wooden frame filled with panels or slats. There are typically two shutters on hinges mounted on each side of the window. Curtains or blinds are a popular type of cover interior window. Heavier material, for example, is often left in a minimum amount of light. You can also prevent drafts, and offers a lot of privacy.

Blinds are another type of basement window covers. These usually consist of long shots made of plastic, metal or wood slats. The slats are suspended from a heavy chain that is threaded through a mechanism at the top.  Interior basement window covers are often incorporated into a construction scheme of decoration. Curtains, for example, can be combined with the color or pattern of some other elements of style of the room, such as furniture or flooring.

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