How To Decorate Ashley Furniture Living Room Sets

Ashley Furniture Living Room Sets Design

Decorate Ashley furniture living room sets and dining room that are together to often results in two spaces that do not match or meet. The colored, decoration and furniture placement right is key to the design of space that is attractive and functional. Often the living and dining room is L-shaped, where the small portion of the L goes to the dining room.

Paint the Ashley furniture living room sets and the dining room of the same neutral color or cake if desired visually expand the space. Choose a color for a room or two darker or lighter than the other room tones, it gives harmony to the area and helps the combine space.

Purchase tablecloths, dishes, paintings, artwork, lamps, sculptures and other decorative items that have the same subject or similar for both areas. For example, if the area of ​​the living room has walls of blue, brown cloth and white trim, choose a plaid or a design in blue, brown and white placemats for the table, the cushions on the chairs or the tablecloth. Place the second largest Ashley furniture living room sets such as a sofa for two or a couple of chairs together at an angle of 90 degrees from the couch.

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