Easy Install Floating Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating bathroom vanity provides a sense of open space and airy, bathroom by allowing a clear view of entire plant. This makes cleaning bathroom an easier task and reduces number of corners and places for dirt and clutter to accumulate. Increasing soil vanity requires plumbing on wall and can be adjusted to fit any wall piping arrangement. Vanity can also be customized in height and depth to fit any configuration of sink, or can be doubled in width to fit a double sink bathroom.

Set location of studs using stud finder and mark each side of studs with a pencil. Hold floating bathroom vanity in its intended position and note where you have vanity to be cut into back plate and top board part to make room for pipes and sink. Cut these portions of vanity.

Keep floating bathroom vanity in place so that it is flush against wall and set a carpenter’s level on top of it. Adjust vanity so level, and mark locations of attachments six screws inside vanity that will land on bolts on wall. Hold vanity to wall with help of an assistant and make holes in these positions, making sure that drill hits tacos.

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