Cozy Cork Bathroom Flooring

Cork Bathroom Flooring Decor

Cork bathroom flooring creates a cozy, peaceful and relaxing home environment. The soils of this material are warm to the feet and act as insulation: dampen ambient noise and provide relief for your joints and spine. It is best not to put cork flooring in bathrooms, despite its waterproof properties. Excess water can damage the finish on these soils. Instead, cork flooring is often placed in kitchens, which has the added advantage of cushioning the impact of dishes and glasses if dropped, which is very difficult to break.

Cork bathroom flooring can be installed in different sizes, colors and textures, which will not deform easily, nor even with the weight of furniture or shock. It is vital that the floor where the cork is placed is clean of dust and dirt in order to achieve a good bond. Also should be level because the cork is adapted to the contour of the ground.

Similarly, area where cork bathroom flooring is placed pavement must be free of glued to floor coverings, such as carpets and plastic tile, linoleum or vinyl. Once removed, floor must be sanded so finish is very fine and there are no nicks or scratches. Finally, it should be clean and vacuum the area.

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